Hospitality Venue Review - Websters Bar

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Websters Rooftop Bar

Photo: Bergstrom Architects

First impressions

Websters bar on King Street in Newtown has been dramatically refurbished by Bergstrom Architects, transforming the well-known Zanzibar to the intriguing 3 bars on ground floor, level 1 & rooftop.

The ground floor is immediately comfortable and inviting. Gnarled recycled timber clads the main common wall and bar front, cyclone fencing ceiling detail with suspended metal pendant lights and custom bar shelving, all heralding to the machine age and industrialisation of the 1830’s, when the building was constructed.

Ground floor bar

Photo: Bergstrom Architects

As you ascend to level 1, you move forward in time to the roaring 1920’s with speakeasy aesthetic seen in the custom chesterfield curved booths, raw brick wall, ornate wall covering and custom metal perforated screens. A roaring fireplace with mantelpiece of the era and a large array of every liquor behind the glamorous bar. This rich, cosy bar lends itself to the ideal date night, catch up with friends or for whiskey enthusiasts.

Mid level bar

Photo: Bergstrom Architects

After the final climb up to the popular rooftop you reach the 1950’s Australian backyard rooftop bar, with outdoor custom high timber tables, recycled old painted timber bar and even a rubber snake or spider nestled amongst the foliage or flowering planters on the besser block garden wall. The fresh air, outdoor BBQ and gathering of friends is all key to the Aussie backyard tradition. Check out the outhouse toilets as directed by original Australian signage.

Rooftop bar

Photo: Bergstrom Architects

Favourite design feature

Rooftop bar – Besser block and flower planter wall feature

Mid level bar – Luxurious curved chesterfield banquette seating

Ground floor bar – Robust recycled timber bar

Creative solution/ quirk

Look out for the owner’s additions to the design – the spiders in the rooftop bar top, suspended rubber snakes from the roof rafters, flamingos amongst the roof top garden. Books at ceiling level sitting on shelves near the fireplace and wine barrels lining the staircase.

Favourite beverage/ food

Glass of shiraz while sitting near the fireplace on the middle level of Websters Bar.

From busy King Street make your escape up through all three unique bars, spot the different design eras and aesthetics and pick your favourite!

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