How to style your home for well-being & adding value to your property

First impressions -

Fresh, cosy, neutral or unique - what does your home say about you or your family?

Interior design relates to the space, building elements & fixtures of the property, whereas interior styling is furniture, styling items that add warmth & feeling of cosiness to your home.

KO Designer focuses on both interior design & interior styling for sale or to update your home, whether you would like to know how to style your home for your well-being or if you're interested in adding value to your property please read on.

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Our home can make a large impact on our well-being, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs shows how important our physiological needs of health, food, water, shelter, clothing and sleep are.

We need to meet our physiological needs first for our well-being and this leads to fulfilling other needs such as creativity, confidence, uniqueness, family, connection, property, social and achievement.

Photo: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Tips to add well-being styling to your home -

- Plants encourage better air quality & add freshness to your interior

- Light wall colours encourage a sense of openness & a brighter environment

- De-cluttering & concealing storage spaces keeps the mind clear

- Clear floor plans create enhanced feelings of space

- Use of candles & flowers add beauty in your home

- Rugs that are the correct size for your living area add warmth and ground the furniture items, especially on hard surfaces like timber or tiled floors

- Tidy & organise surfaces such as office desk for clear mind & productivity

- Cushions add vibrancy & you can tie the colours in with artworks for a complimentary space

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Look at your interior critically -

- Would you feel more inclined to entertain or proud to open up your home if you de-cluttered and organised everyday items?

- Would you be proud to show your bedroom in an open inspection if you styled your bed with new fresh bedding?

- Is it time to invest in some Australian artwork or print some of those artistic travel photo's that you've always been meaning to do?

- Is it time to spruce up the lounges with some new cushions and a cosy throw for the cooler months?

- Is it time to add some greenery into your home to create a more inviting interior and add freshness?

- Is it time to step back and look at your bookshelf and open shelves? Styling your bookshelf can make a huge difference to the aesthetic and feeling of a space, is it cramped & overcrowded or thought out & presented beautifully?

- Once clutter is cleaned away, you can display items that you really love & which brings joy to your everyday living environment.

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Tips to add value to your home -

- Fresh coat of paint - white walls & ceilings are timeless

- Renovate your kitchen & bathroom - these areas increase the value of your property the most

- Update feature pendant lights

- Change down lights to LED's for energy efficiency, longevity & reduced electricity bills

- Look at your flooring - does it need to be refinished or could you replace old carpet with new floor boards or new carpet?

- The right size rug can make the size of the room feel bigger

- Large artworks create a considered interior & also makes rooms feel bigger

- Open up living areas for a modern floor plan, speak to a designer or builder about the structure of the walls

- Keep your home well maintained including your garden & outdoor dining areas

- Create an inviting street appeal with some outdoor furniture, pot plants & tidy garden

Photo: KO Designer | Interior design & styling

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Favourite design feature -

I personally love Scandinavian inspired interiors with a neutral palette as a base and bringing in warmth with styling items such as ceramics, books, art, cushions.

I love the clean lines in the design of furniture, use of timber which is a warm finish, bright white walls for the opportunity to display artworks and open up the feeling of space and natural finishes for their beauty, texture and natural patterns.

Also, can never go past a hanging chair for a cosy coffee spot!

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

Creative solution/ quirk -

We use Euro pillows to hide an old bed head or to add the look of a cushioned bed head, usually white ties in with the white bedding and we add colour in the decorative cushions and throws to tie in with artwork or the features in the bedroom.

Photo: KO Designer | Styling

This is the perfect time to spring clean your home and create a happy and healthy living environment for you or your family.

KO Designer absolutely loves transforming spaces for the betterment of your well-being and adding value to your property, which is the best investment to make with the highest possible return on your spend and input.

Happy spring cleaning!

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