Hospitality Venue Review – Jackalope

First impressions

Australia’s hotel of the year winner - merging art with hospitality.

Photo: Jackalope

Jackalope is located in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria and is well worth the visit. 1 hour drive from Melbourne or 1.5 hour trip from Barwon Heads, Victoria, where my partner and I recently adventured by car, on the Ferry and eventually arrived at Jackalope for lunch.

After attending a presentation by one of the designer’s from Carr Design, Jackalope was added to my must see architecture list. Having worked 8 years designing hospitality interiors, I have a passion in seeing and studying these beautiful creations.

Photo: Doot Doot Doot

With the excitement to explore after lunch, we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious share plates at Rare Hare restaurant and bar. The interior design of this restaurant is stunning and designed by Projects of Imagination, a Melbourne based duo.

Rare Hare is minimal, serene and full of texture and interest. The bricks on the floor run up the bar and the vaulted ceilings create mass and good acoustics. The timber tables are all custom made with some standout features breaking up the restaurant floor plan including the beautiful open fire place, stacked logs, long communal tables and a traditional pizza oven all on display.

Photo: Rare Hare

The floor to ceiling windows do the incredible view of the vineyard justice and part of the restaurant’s charm is that you feel at one with nature, dining and drinking while being surrounded by greenery, serene landscape and natural materials.

The food is worth the visit alone, we shared natural oysters, beef brisket, grilled squid, barramundi wings, mussels with oven baked bread, baked choc chip cookie with malt ice cream and the salted caramel parfait with espresso shortbread crumb. We also walked away with a few bottles of the Rare Hare Shiraz Grenache from the Willow Creek Winery just outside.

Photo: KO Designer

After placing the wine in the car we asked if we could have a look around Jackalope hotel and again lovely customer service. We started in Jackalope’s bar called Flaggerdoot, full of quirky furniture, sculptures with crystal faces, an indigo blue pool table, beautiful coffee table designs, interesting upholstery, some science beaker and led lighting installations and beautiful bar all transport you to another realm.

Photo: Flaggerdoot

We then explored the fine dining restaurant Doot Doot Doot, with an incredible ceiling full of 10,000 globes undulating and capturing your imagination. Below is another beautiful lighting design looking out into the vineyard from Jackalope.

Photo: KO Designer

Favourite design feature

This is hard as each area is so different - I love the architecture of Jackalope hotel and the interior finishes of Rare Hare restaurant are stunning.

Photo: KO Designer

Creative solution/ quirk

Growing up the daughter of an electrician, I’ve always paid attention to lighting design and the 10,000 globes used as a ceiling feature in the Doot Doot Doot restaurant is show stopping. This ceiling design is definitely insta-worthy and is an artwork in itself.

Photo: Doot Doot Doot

Favourite beverage/ food

The Rare Hare Shiraz Grenache and all the food was amazing, however the stand out was the Barramundi wings. The baked soft cookie was delicious as well - so good that we got a bite in before the photo.

Photo: KO Designer

Absolutely loved our adventure to Jackalope. The Doot Doot Doot restaurant looks striking and beautiful with black timbers, gold globes and stunning furniture. The other communal hotel areas feature interesting furniture, well designed waiters stations and quirky bathrooms. Next visit will be to stay a night, waking up with the view of the serene landscape and surrounded by beautifully designed interiors.

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